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Farewell to our receptionist Amanda. - Amanda was accepted into one of the few Music Therapist Training programs in Canada. We wish her well with her studies!

Congratulations to Dr. Jason Peebles - He has been chosen as subject matter consultant (Trauma) to the National and Regional Complex Mental Health Committees of the Correctional Services Canada.

Welcome to Sina - Fulcrum’s new receptionist. See the Staff page for more information about her.

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Medical Health Insurance

Individual counselling provided by Fulcrum Psychological can be claimed on most Medical Health Insurance. Please speak with your provider to learn more.

Fulcrum Psychological

Fulcrum Psychological offers a diverse team of mental health professionals with a wide array of specialities and skills. We provide counselling solutions for those needing assistance.

Adults, couples and families needing guidance and mental health support.

Case Managers
Needing to arrange psychological services for an individual, couple or familiy client.

Needing a reliable, professional opinion that will stand up to the rigors of expert scrutiny.

The team at Fulcrum Psychological is standing by, ready to help individuals and organizations to find the right mental health solution.



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